Watch List 8/1/2016: $EVOK $EXAS $LIFE $ONCE

$EVOK – After almost 3 consecutive days of squeezing the plug finally got pulled late Friday afternoon with an offering at $3.08 – creating instant bagholders who bought over the past two days. Would love to see some short covering Monday morning to push the stock up to the $3 level for a possible re-short.


$EXAS – Headfaked a breakout Friday on the open above $17.50 then sold off down to $16.85 before buyers stepped in. Last weeks offering was priced at $15.50 and they up-sized it to 8.5M shares from 7M. It was absorbed very well and even bought up catching shorts off guard. With so many traders shorting at $17.50 because of a gap fill going back to October 5th 2015 it may stand a chance to continue squeezing toward $20. Will definitely be watching this Monday morning, looking for a break out of this consolidation wedge. 33% of the 95 million share float held short.


$LIFE – A break over recent highs could provide a quick move to $4.00 resistance. Fridays volume and price action put this name on the radar. Already trading $3.50 in pre-market. A pull back to $3.30s early on would be an ideal entry point.




$ONCE – Clearly defined support and resistance levels. Would be a buyer on any pullbacks as it tries to break out of this wedge.