Watch List 7/29/2016: $BBRY $GPS $EXAS $FEYE

$BBRY – Almost no chance this doesn’t get bought out in the next year. Looks to be near the end of a 4 year consolidation range. 


$GPS – If you are looking to short $GPS going into earnings August 18th, $25-$26 seems about the right level to do so. Bumping up against two resistance levels after a quick run up from $17 to $26.


$EXAS – Dilution sent shares down to $16 before ripping higher to $17.50. Some pretty clear support and resistance levels shown on the chart below. Would be more inclined to go long $EXAS given how well the market absorbed the dilution news.


$FEYE – Broke out of a wedge yesterday on heavy volume. Any pull backs to $17.50’s should be bought as this will go to $20.