Watch List 7/26/2016: $SPU $SPHS $VUZI $W $OCLR $ELMD

$SPU – Continuing its remarkable run from $5 post Nasdaq halt to now $20 in pre-market today. Forced buy-ins still coming through. Look for a big pop into the low to mid 20’s to start shorting this pig. Pay attention to the volume.

$SPHS – Still pushing higher in pre-market after a big chart breakout yesterday. Took 1/2 off in pre-market at $6.30. Will let the rest run with a stop around $5.60. This may have a push to $7 left in it.

$VUZI – Not much happening in pre-market as it hangs around $9.  Yesterday it consolidated between $8.65 and $9.00 all afternoon.  Made some $9+ prints after hours yesterday without much follow through today.

$W – Watching for a while now as it nears the end of a huge symmetrical triangle formation. August 9th earnings could move the stock in either direction. 68% of the float is held short. 


$OCLR – Broke above $5.50 resistance even though the market was red today. Earnings next week (Aug 2) with 33% of the float held short.



$ELMD – Another big triangle formation near finality. Keep a watch on this one.