Watch List 7/21/2016: $OPTT $ZAIS $SPU $OPGN $HDSN

$OPTT – Massive breakout over $10 on volume. Would look to short this soon, but borrows have been hard to locate. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this run more. Historically moves have lasted 2-3 weeks to completion.

$ZAIS – This name gets interesting long if it can re-capture $3.50. Trading in sympathy with $OPTT and other small cap runners.

$SPU – Plenty of late post un-halt shorts got squeezed off $5 on this name. Now $9 will be a key resistance level to take out Thursday. Crazy swings of 50-100% in just a few sessions. Another short candidate for the end of the week.

$OPGN – With the help of Merck shares popped 135% today. Solid resistance at $4. Plenty of twitter traders adding to $OPGN late Wednesday afternoon $3.50-$3.75 range. 


$HDSN – Chart looks bullish long term. Was able to consolidate off a $4.90 base all day digesting Tuesday’s huge gap up. Could see profit taking to $4.40 short term.