2/8/2019 – $CLF

Stock Overview: Cleveland Cliffs Resources ($CLF) was an earnings winner up 10% on the day. Market Overview: The market is giving back big gains from the past two weeks on negative trade headlines and FED commentary. Technicals: The daily & weekly candles on this name are bullish making higher lows higher highs – everything you want to […]

2/6/2019 – $NEM


Stock Overview: Newmont Mining has been grinding higher with the overall strength in the spot gold price. Market Overview: The market has made a huge run into last nights SOTU speech. The first hour of trading suggests a flat neutral day is likely. Technicals: The stock opened up red and immediately and got bought up to flat. NEM […]

2-5-2019 $NEM $X

Stock Overview: $NEM has gone on a big run with the rest of the gold sector with the spot price of gold moving higher over the past few weeks. Market Overview: The market opened up green and has been grinding higher all day on optimism for Trumps SOTU speech tonight. Technicals: At the time of the trade the […]

2-4-2019 – $X

Stock Overview: $X was an earnings loser, but based on valuation & overall market strength the stock has been range bound. Market Overview: The market opened up slightly red after last weeks huge move higher. Expecting more chop this week. Technicals: At the time of the trade the market was red and $X was green. The daily prior high […]

1-31-2019 – $SBUX

Stock Overview: $SBUX was an earnings winner inching towards a new 52 week high. Market Overview: Market has been on fire since the FED released “dovish” language Wednesday afternoon. Technicals: Weekly and daily candles higher highs higher lows. Above key moving averages, market on fire and stock very close to fresh highs. This morning buyers stepped in again […]

1/29/2018 – $LEN

Stock Overview: $LEN gapped down on weak housing related news. Market Overview: Market was red all morning down over .50% across the S&P / Dow. The housing sector in general $XHB was also down on bad news. Technicals: Stock gapped down below VWAP breaking below the 3 day low of $44.00 hitting a morning low of 43.26. With […]

1/28/2019 – $PEP


Stock Overview: Pepsi ($PEP) daily & weekly candle range break (LOWER). Alert set for a break of $109 Market Overview: Big gap down/selling after $CAT announced worse than expected earnings. Watchlist was mainly composed of long biased plays. Technicals: Stock broke through Fridays LOD at $109. Didn’t catch the first wave of selling so waited for a backtest […]

1/25/2019 – $AMD


Stock Overview: Xilinx reported blowout numbers sending semiconductor stocks higher yesterday then Intel missed revenue estimates sending semis back down after hours. $AMD got smacked to $20.25 from $21 in sympathy, but was bought back up to unchanged. Pre-market $AMD grinded back to $21 so I knew there were plenty of shorts trapped with ave […]

1/24/2019 – $NEM

Stock Overview: Newmont Mining got crushed when it announced it would be buying Goldcorp. After dropping the stock has made 6 consecutive days of higher lows. Market Overview: The market has been choppy with the price of gold stabilizing just under $1,300 Technicals: The stock opened up red and immediately went lower despite a relatively unch spot […]

1/23/2019 – $COF


Stock Overview: Capital One $COF was an earnings loser dropping 6% in after hours trading after missing revenue estimates. Although the stock beat EPS handily, analysts were busy downgrading and dropping price targets. Market Overview: The market was -2% on yesterdays session based on trade war fears, but gapped higher on the open. Technicals: The […]